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Award-winning Comedy Poet 

Comedy Monologues  & Speeches 

Comedy Singer-Songwriter  - Ventriloquist

Bookings/Enqs - Tel:  01730 821030  


About Merlynda ...

Live Comedy Performance Poet

Comedy Monologues & Speeches

Singer-Songwriter & Ventriloquist

Bookings/Enqs - Tel: 01730 821030

Merlynda's Comedy Studio

2 Downview, Nyewood Road, Nyewood

Petersfield, Hampshire GU31 5JA

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e: [email protected]

e: [email protected]

Merlynda is the Founder and former Editor of the Romantic and Epic Poetry Magazine: 'The Poetry Box Magazine' - and - the Founder and Resident Ventriloquism Trainer of 'The Ventriloquist Club of Great Britain'.   She conducts One-To-One Professional Ventriloquist Training Sessions and  Special Ventriloquism Workshops  titled: 'A Gottle O' Gear' - an entertaining and hilarious Ventriloquism Taster Session For Adults - Especially Suitable For Comedy & Literary Festivals

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Merlynda is a LLAM  and ALAM of LAMDA 

(The London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art)

and has 4 Honours LAMDA Medals 

in Speech & Acting.


Merlynda is frequently invited as a Poetry Judge, Poetry Critic and Poetry/Ventriloquism Book Reviewer.

Merlynda is also the Author of the hugely popular 

Comedy Monologue & Speech Collection: 

'ACT! ALONE - Scene-Stealing High Comedy Monologues & Verse For Performers & Speakers' 

(Pubd. GAPP 2001) 

- Available via all good bookshops - 

- and directly from Merlynda

Merlynda's Poems are Published in over 44 Poetry Anthologies to date - as 3 Solo Poetry Collections - as 2 Poetry Audio Books (CDs) - and over 100 of her Comedy Songs and Instrumental Compositions are published, to date.

Merlynda's Poetry Audio Books 

to date include:


 'Barley The Ventriloquist & Duncan L DoLittle Recite The Tale of The Goat & The Wolf' 

(Available via Gardners Books

- and directly from Merlynda)


 Merlynda is also a former Magazine Columnist of 

'The Observer Series of Newspapers'.


And - the Commissioned Author of: 

'Master The Art' (Pubd. 1998 by The Art Institute) 

- An Illustration and Art Tutorial Course For Adults.


Merlynda's Comedy Studio 

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Hello! - I'm Merlynda - and I'm an Award-Winning Comedy & Satire Poet - an Award-Winning Verse-Fabulist - an Award-Winning Comedy and Satire Monologue/Speech-writer -  an Award-Winning Comedy Singer-Songwriter - an Award-Winning Cartoonist & Bookjacket Illustrator  (aka: 'Kitty Pigfish') - and  - a Ventriloquist! 

My Comedy Poems, Monologues, Songs, Cartoons - and Ventriloquism Workshops Are Suitable For Adults - and Over 16s -  and even old wrinkly grown-ups enjoy them very much!


BELOW are a Variety of VIDEO CLIPS of me reciting my poems (and singing one of my comedy songs - acapella!)  - which I hope you'll enjoy!

Also below are a variety of COMMENTS about my Poems - and FEEDBACK about my Live Poetry Readings/Performances.  Just click on my 'POETRY AWARDS' page for details about my Poetry Awards Cartoon-Book Illustration Awards and Singer-Songwriter Awards to date - and click on the 'ABOUT' for MORE Feedback/Comments - and Biographical details.  

On my 'LIVE SHOWS-BOOK!' page are details about the Live Poetry Readings I'm giving over the next year - particularly at 'MERLYNDA'S COMEDY STUDIO' on the Hampshire/West Sussex border - near Petersfield and Midhurst - on the LAST THURSDAY OF EVERY MONTH.


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